Going Green While Yachting

Many of us are thinking about ways we can lessen our footprint and help the earth, especially in our local Palm Beach, Florida area. Below are some of the most pressing issues facing the yachting community and ways to potentially combat these areas.

Choose Mooring Balls or Marinas When Possible

When choosing where to settle for a bit, it is important to choose either a marina or use a mooring ball. When setting an anchor, it drags across the ocean floor and can lead to upsetting marine life or even potentially damaging coral reefs. This is especially true if it takes a few times for the anchor to set. Mooring balls are secured to the ground, so there is no chance of upsetting the environment.

Eliminate Disposable Plastics

Did you know that it is estimated that each week a yacht contributes, on average, between 500 and 700 empty plastic bottles?

By choosing a reusable water bottle instead of disposable plastic containers, you can help to eliminate much of this waste from the planet. For longer trips, stock up on larger bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and other items that come in disposable containers.

There are also many ways to produce your own drinking water. Not only could this put a halt to waste, but it could also help to save money in the long run. By fitting a relatively inexpensive and permanent water filtering system, your costs, on average, would be about one month’s worth of your bottled water supply. Not only could you save thousands of dollars a year, but you would also have more space on board to store water toys, and supplies while also having the satisfaction and knowledge that you’re helping to combat one of the most important issues threatening our oceans. However you want to look at it, it's a win-win situation.

Buy Local

Buying from a local market means you are not only helping out the community you are in, but you are also getting locally sourced produce as much as possible. This means less waste from cardboard, plastic, or styrofoam containers.

Healthier Products

Using biodegradable cleaning products and eco-friendly painting products will help to reduce your carbon footprint as well. You can also reduce your usage of paper products by using cloth napkins and rags whenever possible.

Responsible Waste Management

When you do need to use plastics or other disposable products, be sure you are disposing of them responsibly. Never throw anything overboard into the ocean; this can lead to polluting the ocean environment and potentially hurt wildlife. Be sure to save all trash and recycle or dispose of it properly once you’re back onshore.

Respect the Environment

While it may seem tempting to touch or even take local wildlife with you when you depart, it is important to refrain from interfering with anything. If you are diving or snorkeling, be extra careful around coral so you don’t break it or displace any other aquatic wildlife while you are in the water. The ocean you sail on is often untouched and any foreign matter can disturb the fragile balance.

While these are all great tips, these are just a few things you can do to help your oceanic environment. It is important to do your own research and educate yourself about further steps you may be able to take. You can also contact our team at Palm Harbor Marina for information on how to reserve your own boat slip in our beautiful marina located in West Palm Beach, Florida.