Smart Tips When Purchasing a Boat

Palm Beaches yachts at Palm Harbor Marina

The sun is out, the weather is gorgeous, and you’re thinking it is time to trade in or buy the boat you have been dreaming of. Buying a boat is just as nerve-racking as it is exciting. The certainty of finding the perfect boat is equivalent to finding the ideal car or even a house; you want to be sure it is in great condition, will stay in great condition, is not overpriced, contains quality amenities, and fits with your lifestyle/personality. Today, we will help you know what to look for when buying your new boat with our boat purchasing tips!


The first question to think about? Ask yourself what you will be using the boat for. There are many styles and sizes of boats to choose from, each designed to enhance your experience for the purpose it was built. If you are looking for a boat to fish from, you’ll be better off searching for bass boats, bay/ flats boats, or center consoles. If you are looking for something luxurious, you may be interested in a cabin cruiser, sailboat, or yacht. Your search for a new boat starts with how you plan to use it. Click here to review our yacht brands to watch.


Every boat will range in the amount and types of amenities it is equipped with. Even with the same style and brand of boats, some may have better technology, power, or even more storage space than others. It is wise to think about the purpose of your boat and what you need it to have to enhance the experience of that purpose. For example, if you are planning on doing lots of traveling and relaxation, and you have decided on a yacht, you may want your yacht to have a large enough bedroom for better comfort or a big deck to enjoy the ocean breeze. Deciding on the priorities of the amenities you want will help you decide on which boat you’ll prefer more than another.

Additional Expenses:

Most people understand that buying a boat is more of a luxury than a necessity. Although it will bring countless amounts of joy and memories, does it fit in your budget? When calculating the maximum cost that you are willing to spend on a boat, you should also consider annual and additional expenses including storage, maintenance, equipment, boat training, etc. The cost of yearly expenses may vary depending on the location of your boat and size. Once you have narrowed down your choices in boat types, you can then start estimating the annual cost for storing and maintaining your boat.

Used Versus New:

No matter the boat, used or new, all boats risk potential repairs. Some buyers recommend buying 'used' because you’ll have history of the boat’s current quality, and the value would be less than a brand-new boat. You can also budget wisely and still purchase your preferred boat when buying 'used'. However, when you buy a brand-new boat, you’ll less likely deal with maintenance issues. It is important to do your research regarding a 'used' boat’s value and condition as well as budgeting the amount you can afford for a brand-new boat.

Test Drive:

Boats can be breathtaking to look at, but riding one can have an entirely different feel. Although the look may seem perfect, it is best to test drive the boat before making the final purchase. You want to be sure you are comfortable with how it rides and with its docking. You don’t want to notice any issues with its performance, and you must ensure the size and amenities fit the purpose you intend to use it for.

With these boat buying tips, we hope searching for a new boat becomes much simpler and you're able to enjoy the luxury of riding your boat sooner. Be sure to contact our team Palm Harbor Marina about a visit and a slip where you’ll always be warmly welcomed by our staff. It's the ideal South Florida location to dock your boat and enjoy the tremendous amenities we have to offer and well as the attractions within the Palm Beach community.