2022 Yacht Brands To Watch

Benetti yacht - yacht brands to watch in 2022

Are you a yacht enthusiast interested in the top yachting brands of 2022? Palm Harbor Marina, the premier marina and yachting community of the Palm Beach, Florida area, docks hundreds of different yachts from around the world. We have developed a list of the top yachting brands; they're some of the most fascinating and luxurious yacht brands on the market today. These yachts are highly idolized because of their unique crafted design, stunning interior, and varying sizes in length and height. When you step in a world class yacht, you're often on a vessel worth millions of dollars. Their impressive exterior and interior design takes glam to the next level. Because of our magnificent, luxurious, well-kept marina, boat and yacht owners specifically plan their stay at our location.

This year, we have picked some of our favorite yachts to watch for. Some are docked at our very own Palm Harbor Marina!

Benetti (pictured above)

Founded in 1873 by Lorenzo Benetti, Benetti is one of the topmost luxurious yachting brands known to man. They are primarily known for their mega and superyachts. A Benetti yacht is exquisite and opulent. If you are looking to enjoy a nice trip filled with rest and relaxation, a Benetti yacht is perfect for you. The interior is breathtaking and one-of-a-kind, and the design and craftmanship is highly respected in the yacht industry. Laying your eyes on one of these can give you goosebumps.


Founded in 1949 by the members of First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders group, Feadship is one of the elite businesses across the world that builds yachts. They are known for their complete customization of yachts for new owners. They design yachts to meet all your dreams, fantasies, and desires. With their years of experience and knowledgeable engineers and designers, they can bring your vision to life. A yacht by Feadship is always one-of-a-kind and brings a new meaning to fancy. They strive to build every yacht to meet absolute perfection before letting it out to sail on water.


Founded in 1969 by Paolo Vitelli, Azimut is a popular Italian designed yacht brand that's highly aesthetic and stylish. They are known for their cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, and they bring a new era for yacht engineering and designing. They have brought hybrid engines and nanotechnologies that give their yachts long-lasting, anti-fouling coating to the yacht world. They are a well-trusted and respected brand for their designs in yachts and bring a great amount of luxuriousness and practicability to their builds.


Founded in 1969 by Robert Braithwaite, the Sunseeker has won two of the world’s most prestigious accolades at the International Superyacht Design awards. You’ll see a Sunseeker yacht being one of the most popular yacht brands in 2022. They have combined a luxurious look with a sporty style. With their glass-reinforced plastic and carbon fiber composite materials that they use on all their yachts, you’ll have one of the most cutting edge and fancy looking yachts out there. You won’t lose any of the comfort as they have made sure to keep the interior style classy and relaxing.

If you are looking to dock your yacht at a well-serviced, luxurious marina, contact our office to book your stay and dock. We offer great amenities like our fitness center, gourmet deli, and strong customer service. Our Palm Harbor Marina is well kept, professional, and perfect for a nice, relaxing visit where our staff will be more than happy to assist you with all your needs.

* Photo via the Benetti Yachts website