Tides Information

At Palm Harbor Marina, we love our guests! We strive for excellent customer service and guest satisfaction. We hope to help every one of our guests in any way possible to give them the best experience here at Palm Harbor Marina. That is why we found it necessary to provide day to day information on tide levels near Palm Beach. By knowing the water’s current tide conditions, our guests will be able to plan a more comfortable boat ride or fishing trip.

How the Moon Can Impact Your Trip:

A major impact on the level of the tides is caused by our moon’s gravitational pull. Depending on where the moon is around our atmosphere will determine how strong its gravitational pull is. The water is affected by the moon’s gravity and because of the water’s liquid form, tides will start to develop. The greater the strength of the gravity, the higher the tide. That is why it is important to always check on the stature of tide levels to have a safer and more enjoyable trip.

Best Tides to Fish:

Tide and water level can be a make it or break it for fishing. To have a better chance reeling any fish, we highly recommend staying up to date on the tide levels. During times when the tide is low, fish like to gather around/in structural areas like reefs and wrecks. These are great locations for fish to find shelter and food and can be a hot spot for big catches. During higher tide levels, you can have a greater chance for an enjoyable fishing experience. However, at peak levels you may not. During peak levels, the water may become more still, and so will the fish. When there is more activity, in between high to low (flooding) or low to high tides (ebbing), the fish become more active as well.

A monthly tide chart will help you to plan your trip accordingly to ensure the tide levels won't mess with your plans. Contact us today if you have any other questions that we can answer concerning the tides in and around the Palm Beaches.