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The opportunities for yacht owners are endless in South Florida. Palm Harbor Marina is a staple in South Florida and has been a premiere, award winning port of call. Its notoriety is largely due to the various high quality amenities that are offered. 

Palm Harbor Marina includes available slips with depths up to 15 feet deep. Along the dockside, yacht owners experience hospitality that is unmatched from our friendly and professional staff. There is also a private clubhouse in the marina for yacht owners to enjoy. The location is beautiful, and a common destination for not only yacht owners and South Florida residents, but also for travelers and visitors alike. 

The dining and entertainment that surrounds the marina is excellent. There are free trolly rides to numerous different locations along the marina as well. 

Below is a video that highlights the Palm Harbor Marina’s friendly staff, lovely marina benefits our yacht owners enjoy, and stunning landscape clips of the surrounding area.

Click the video below and see one of South Florida's finest attractions!