Resorts & Hotels

Step from your yacht into the magic of the Palm Beaches resorts

Within close proximity to our beautiful Marina, there are a plethora of elegant hotels and resorts for the guests of Owners, Captains, and Crew members to reside during their visit. Many of these locations offer various amenities, including tennis courts, golf courses, spas, private beaches, boutiques, water sports, pools, live entertainment, and an abundance of restaurants featuring various cuisines from around the world. There are plenty of popular resorts around the area of Palm Harbor Marina. Here are a few recommendations:

The Breakers

This hotel has a beautiful history and story in Palm Beach. Founded in 1896, this ocean front hotel was built in lieu of a trend started where gorgeous, private properties were built on this beach. It received the name ‘breakers’ from its unique point where the waves would crash and spray. Fires caused damage where the hotels needed to reemerge, but once it did, it was better than ever. It was designed by the same minds responsible for some of Manhattan, New York’s finest hotels, such as the Pierre and the Sherry-Netherland.

The Ben

This is known as Downtown West Palm’s only waterfront hotel. It is a beautiful combination of beach and metropolitan. The Ben offers a beautiful view of Palm Harbor Marina, and is known as being a notorious host and social facilitator. 

The Colony Hotel

This is a classic destination instilling both fashion and charm. The flamingo, animal, mural themed hotel, is rooted in the Palm Beach Floridian heritage. It is the essence of Palm Beach, with one foot on the beach, and the other one on Worth Avenue. It is an iconic destination with state of the art design. 

The Brazilian Court Hotel & Beach Club

This is the most private and secluded hotel in Palm Beach. It is perfect for romantic getaways, with an elegant Spanish colonial architecture with lush, tropical courtyards. A stay at this hotel will surely bring an unforgettable experience. 

Hyatt Place Downtown

A place to enjoy the incredible nightlife of Downtown West Palm. This hotel combines style, innovation, and convenience to create a seamless stay. Located right in the heart of downtown on Lakeview Avenue, The Hyatt Place will give you the best taste of everything downtown West Palm has to offer!

Please contact us for more information about any of these locations.