Beaches of Palm Beach, Florida

Florida Beach

Step from your yacht into the magic of the Palm Beaches.

The beaches of Palm Beach offer much more than soft sand and crystal blue water; they come with an array of other recreational opportunities. With nearly thirty beaches and almost 50 miles along the Atlantic Ocean, visitors can enjoy many different types of beaches.

The Palm Beaches are host to a variety of beach styles. There is everything from secluded beaches to beaches with promenades and piers to stroll along. There is even a beach for those who want a dose of history featuring a former Cold War bunker for John F. Kennedy.

For those who are looking for a bit more adventure, there are beaches that offer snorkeling. While snorkeling you may spot stingrays and giant starfish, along with submerged sculptures of sharks, mermaids, and more.

One of the reasons the Palm Beach County beaches and parks are a step above the rest is the tropical current that comes to these beaches and streams – as close as two to three miles to the beach. These tropical currents bring about warmer water in the winter months, allowing the water on these beaches to be extremely clear and they are only minutes away from the marina.

No matter what your beach style is, there is something for you. Come explore our beautiful beaches and discover which is perfect for you!