Boating & Nature Near Palm Beach

While there are many perks to living on a boat including freedom, eco-friendly, and cost efficiency, one thing many people overlook is nature. Boating along the Florida coastline affords you a glimpse into nature that most people do not see regularly, if ever. 

Florida's beautiful shoreline is home to reefs and sea grass that host a plethora of bountiful sea life, from manatees to dolphins, sharks to jelly fish, sea trout to tarpon, as well as a variety of others!

Florida ManateesAtlantic Ocean DolphinsPalm Beach Sea Turtles

The warm waters off of Florida are also home to, and a nesting ground for sea turtles. There are hundreds of miles of beautiful shoreline that are protected during these beautiful creatures nesting time, roughly May through October.

While cruising along the Florida shorelines, be sure to keep a watchful eye on the skies as well. The cypress swamps and mangroves are home to, and a breeding ground for, hawks, ducks, and eagles. While cruising on the vast ocean, you may also be lucky enough to see other species of waterfowl that call the Florida shoreline home, such as sanderlings, dowitchers, herons, pelicans, egrets and several other shoreline birds.

For information on the best time of day or year to see the many amazing animals that call Florida home, visit our concierge.