Why You Should Purchase a Yacht

There is nothing quite like the freedom of being out on the open water. The freedom, ocean scent, and warm breezes are hard to beat! There are many ways to experience this feeling, but none of them quite compare to the experience of exploring and relaxing on your own yacht. Below are just a few reasons why owning your own yacht is far superior to chartering one.

Custom Designed: When chartering a yacht, you don't have the say as to what features you wish your chartered yacht to have. When purchasing a yacht, you have the ability to design your new purchase from scratch; you can have it tailored to meet your needs, from exterior features down to what hardware is installed on cupboards.

Freedom: When you own your yacht, you have the ability to use it anytime you want. You can leave whenever works for you and be gone as long as you'd like. You also have the ability to change your destination as you see fit and not have to worry about incurring extra costs.

Family Time: What better way to spend time with your family than on your very own yacht! This purchase will afford you the time to plan a family adventure and create unforgettable memories. This will also allow your family to learn a new set of skills and potentially develop a lifelong love of boats, water, nature, and adventure.

Explore: When you own your own yacht, you can go wherever you want. This means that if you want to track down that sunken treasure you heard about, you can go searching for it! Plus, if that doesn't pan out, you can always change course to something a bit less harrowing.

Reduce Stress: There is nothing quite like the freedom of the open water to allow all stressors to melt away. The ability to, literally, escape to the middle of nowhere may be the best reason to purchase a yacht. This seclusion can help you to focus on what really matters, and allow you the time to recenter and recharge.

Save Money: If you are an avid yachter, purchasing a yacht may make more sense than continuously renting one. Making the large initial investment may end up saving you thousands of dollars, maybe even more. Plus, you will have a yacht that meets or exceeds your expectations for what you want.

When you decide to purchase your very own yacht, contact our team at Palm Harbor Marina in West Palm Beach, Florida. We are the premier Marina in South Florida and look forward to taking care of you, your captain, and your crew on your next visit to the Palm Beaches.