Yachting Resources

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Important Boat Systems To Know - Get to know the anatomy of your boat and its different systems. Which ones are important? Boats have a freshwater system, sanitation, fuel, and more.

How To Maximize Profit When Selling Your Yacht - Are you looking to reallocate your assets by selling your yacht? We came up with a number of ideas to think about before you enter the process.

Smart Tips When Purchasing A Boat - The certainty of finding the perfect boat is equivalent to finding the ideal car or even a house; you want to be sure it is in great condition, will stay in great condition, is not overpriced, contains quality amenities, and fits with your lifestyle/personality.

2022 Summer Events in Palm Beaches - Beginning in late May and running through the end of August, South Florida has a plethora of events to keep people of all ages entertained. Here's a few to look forward to!

Why You Should Purchase a Yacht - There is nothing quite like the freedom of being out on the open water. We have compiled a brief list of a few reasons now may be a great time to purchase your own yacht.

2022 Yacht Brands to Watch - We have developed a list of the top yachting brands; they're some of the most fascinating and luxurious yacht brands on the market today. Their impressive exterior and interior design takes glam to the next level. Read our list!

Going Green While Yachting - Learn about how to be eco-friendly out on the water! Many of us are thinking about way we can lessen our footprint and help the earth. We've compiled some of the most pressing issues facing the yachting community and ways to potentially combat these areas.

Boat Safety Checklist - Enjoy a comfortable yachting experience while remaining safe and prepared! At Palm Harbor Marina, the premier marina in Palm Beach, Florida for yachting, we recommend taking every trip seriously and always implementing basic precautions before yachting for the day.